Celebrate More

Adulthood doesn’t always lend itself to celebrating small accomplishments.

Childhood, on the other hand, DOES!

I used to celebrate, and be celebrated for, learning to write a new letter, sing a new song, perform show and tell, and perhaps the pinnacle of celebrating that occurs in childhood, but not in adulthood… using the potty!

Could you imagine if today, every time you used the bathroom you got m&m’s, like I did when I was three?


My dentist might not like it, but it just goes to show that childhood is ripe with celebrating daily accomplishments. We used to know how to let others know about our accomplishments and celebrate and somewhere in the maturing process, we lost that skill.

I am especially terrible about NOT taking time to pat myself on the back. I am so goal-oriented that when I accomplish one thing, I immediately look for the next goal. I rarely take time to look back, remember,  or bask in my accomplishments.

I’m done with that.

I might not dole out M&Ms each time I use the potty, but I am determined to celebrate more!

Who’s with me?

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