20 Ways to Celebrate Without Money or Food

I’m on a diet. And a budget.

So sometimes I think celebrating is pretty much out! I can’t get dessert or buy a new dress or drive to the beach without cutting back somewhere else.

But I’m determined to celebrate in life. I thought this might be a problem until I quickly listed at 20 ways to celebrate without money or food! Yes, that’s right, it is possible, here are the first 20 ways that came to mind:


1. Have a dance party. Turn on a good song and boogie. Get some movement and a peppy tune and you’ll always feel better.

2. Take a photo of your accomplishment or your face to remember how you felt!

3. Take a nap. You likely deserve it.

4. Stretch. If you’re accomplishment was physical, there is not much better than feeling muscles relax and stretch knowing they were used well!

5. Take a bubble bath.

6. Paint your toenails. And then every time you look at them be reminded of what you accomplished.

7. Share! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Paint it on your car. Get the word out so people can celebrate with you.

8. Call a friend. If you want more interaction than “likes” for you accomplishment, share your story with someone you love and let them celebrate with you.

9. Make a new iTunes playlist. Perhaps a dance party playlist so you’re ready to celebrate with #1 next time.

10. Read. Anything. A book, a magazine, the back of the shampoo bottle. We often don’t take time to sit and read. So do it!

11. Go for a walk. Unless you just ran a marathon, then you have 19 other choices!

12. Watch a sunset. Take a mental picture of the beauty and colors.

13. Lie under the stars. Whatever your favorite natural thing is, take time to intentionally notice it.

14. Watch a movie. Preferably something where they celebrate!

15. Drive with the windows down and the tunes up! Let random strangers at stop lights know you’re winning at life.

16. Write a card to someone else who needs to celebrate. We’re in this together, we need each other to celebrate well.

17. Journal. Remind yourself what you did. I often go back and re-read my journals to relive the joy and the pain. Take time to write the celebrations too or your journals only record the tough times and aren’t a true reflection of your life.

18. Wear your favorite outfit. I saw a little girl walk into the grocery store dressed as Princess Sophia, heels and all. She didn’t care if mom had to buy bananas or bleach, she was excited about her outfit and clicked happily throughout the store. I want more of that in my life.

19. Take a moment to reflect. Even if just mentally and pat yourself on the back.

2o. Smile. You did it.

After, and only after, taking time to celebrate, may you move to the next goal!

What else could I add to this list? What other cheap and calorie-free ways to celebrate do you take advantage of?

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  1. Praise God! It is impossible to feel sad when you are praisingGod! Just remember how much you are loved by Him!
    And by me too!! :0)

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