Bon Voyage!

Friday was an emotional day.

It was my last day at work. I’ve been at that hospital for six years and even though I’m moving to another team just a floor away, it feels like farther.  It feels like the end of an era. It feels final.

My team sent me off in style with dessert and a handmade Photo Booth. I was in charge of our office’s decorations and silly hats which we made our employee of the month wear in their photos. My team “decorated” like a tornado went through our office to prove that I needed to stay. And then each member dressed up in one of my ridiculous hats and took a picture with me.

PhotoGrid_May 13, 2013, 9_29 PM

It was perfect.

I didn’t want a plaque or a speech or to be doted upon unnecessarily. I wanted to have fun with my team. I wanted to laugh and be silly and show everyone’s personalities — all the people who have calmed me down after a terrible treatment session. The people who have encouraged me and helped me learn the complicated inner-workings of neuro rehabilitation. The people who have been there with me on Saturdays where a few brave souls do the work of the robust, fully-staffed weekday teams. The team who made up theme songs for every team member and sang and danced way too early in the mornings. (P.S. My song is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” A perfect choice.)

My team is rad. I am so thankful for their joyful send off as I enter a new adventure. I’ve grown as a therapist and as a person over the past six years. It’s because of these people that I’m ready and excited for my new job.

Thanks, friends.

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  1. You guys are fun. If all wards had a way to wind down like this, the world would be a healthier place!

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