You Go

I debated for a while after I heard. The time. The gas money. The weeknight commitment. I vacillated.

My favorite band of all time, Cool Hand Luke, was playing a small show in Tampa last week. I’ve talked about the importance of this band before. I was sharing my internal debate with a friend when she interrupted me and said, “When your favorite band of all time, whom you’ve never seen live, is playing a few hours from here, you go.”

You go.

I went.

driving Kelly


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I drove to Tampa, hung out at a restaurant, read, wrote, drank and milkshake and waited for the show. I got to see Mark Nicks of Cool Hand Luke play some of my favorite songs, sing lyrics that remind me of truth, and croon melodies that stir my soul. I learned that there are things more important than gas money and a few missed hours of sleep. I sat on the front row, toes tapping in joy, soaking in the goodness that is beautiful music and powerful lyrics.


mark cool hand luke

I am thankful for people who can encourage me to be adventurous. Those who tell me, “You go!” and remind me of the importance of making memories. Even in the midst of adulthood, when I feel pressure to make the right decision, be responsible, save money, and get to sleep on time, it was nice to be reminded that there is still room for the spontaneous kid to play! I drove home, hit traffic, got to sleep late, but had a smile on my face knowing it was worth it. When something you care deeply about is nearby, you go! Life is an adventure.

What adventure have you embarked on lately?


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  1. I’m glad you went. Hearing your fav band live is so awesome!
    I hope Tampa traffic doesn’t defer you from future trips to the Bay Area…like maybe in October? 😉

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