Writing and Life

I just cracked open a new journal. It makes my heart happy. It represents the future. The lessons that I will learn and the epiphanies gleaned over the next several months. I always have a running list of things I think about and would like to write about. I continually compose in my mind. I scroll through my mental topic list and think about how other people –both friends and strangers– could relate to or learn from my life and “mental compositions”.

I love writing. It is my outlet. I know that I think the best after I write it down. Like taking a glop of clay and transforming it into a pot, I use words to mold the thoughts on paper into something usable, functional, and finished.

I suppose it is fitting that this is the topic of my first entry in this beautiful, fresh, hopeful journal anxiously awaiting to be filled with processing, rants, lessons, and truth.

Writing stirs my soul.

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