Workout Secrets

Want the secret to the best work out secret ever?

I’ve got it right here!

Ninety seconds of core strengthening, planking, trunk rotation, scapular stability and the cutest work out partner ever.

A four month old.

One dad recorded working out with his daughter and it makes my heart happy. Not only to see a playful baby girl, but to see her adoring father right alongside her, engaging in what she found important and making it playful.

I nearly tear up when daddy tells daughter he loves her and Lilly Ann reaches out to touch his face lovingly. What a beautiful moment which exhibits their relationship. I love that this dad is obviously gushing with delight in his little girl. I love that I know what that feels like. I have a great dad who, had you tube existed when I was little, may have made a similar video!

If you have a great parent, thank them for their “thereness” and time spent with you. If your parental relationships left something wanting, seek to be such a parent to your own children. Or, if you don’t have your own children like me, seek to be a surrogate parent to a friend’s kids and pour your love, attention and delight on them. Be willing to get on the floor and do the Lilly Ann workout.

Your abs and your spirit will thank you.

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