Words are Powerful

I think on paper.

That’s not just a website; it’s a statement.

Writing is how I process life the best. Sometimes that makes me feel like an alien creature, exploring a new planet with my ever-present Moleskine. I don’t know what I really think about something until I write it down.

But recently, I found my people. There are many others who know this feeling. Who think of words as friends. Who are also exploring daily, pen in hand.

stack of books, gospel coalition

I was invited to the Band of Bloggers workshop at The Gospel Coalition National Women’s Conference and it was delightful. We were welcomed by a stack of free books which publishers graciously provided to encourage potential future authors. Several dozen word-lovers chatted together, exchanging websites, and book recommendations. We also listened to a panel of writers discuss the perilous and arduous journey that is writing and publishing.

The most powerful thing said during this time was stated more of an aside than a main point. Blogger and author, Jen Wilkin, said, “You have to have people reading your writing. Words are powerful. They change opinions and lives. If you aren’t sharing your drafts with people you aren’t accurately realizing the power of your words”

Words are powerful. They’ve changed my life again and again. I want everything I write to be uplifting, honest, and beneficial. I want to think about posts and write well and never be flippant with what I publish. That would be doing myself and my reader a huge disservice and negating the weight that well-crafted words wield. It was a beautiful to be with like minded people and to be reminded of the mightiness of the pen! Moleskine in hand, I continue exploring, because I think on paper.

Words are powerful. How have they changed your life?

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