What is Love?

Some good friends of mine are celebrating their one week anniversary today. Weddings, vows, commitments. They’ve got me thinking. The goofy-in-love-we-can-do-no-wrong-our-love-is-pure feelings will fade. They have to. Though I am not married, I can imagine that there has to be a moment when you’re brushing your teeth and your spouse is (noisily) sitting on the can that challenges the twitterpated feelings of your wedding day. (Sorry Danny and Beth… and I hope you haven’t hit this stage quite yet!)

So, if a marriage is to outlast the goofy-in-love feelings, what is it about?

John Piper describes marriage as much more about keeping covenant than staying in love. One of my favorite writers, Leigh McLeroy, describes marriage as a whole lot of Tuesdays strung together. If we take these two statements together then marriage is a choosing to honor the vows spoken freely and joyfully on the perfect Saturday of your wedding day on every difficult or monotonous Tuesday thereafter. The feelings will fade, the faithfulness and covenant-keeping doesn’t have to.

Bill gets it. He illustrates his covenant-keeping with every loving bike ride.

What Is Love? from cvcnow on Vimeo.

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