What am I Created For?

(Yes, the title ends in a preposition, Grammar-philes. Get over it!)

“If you had a million dollars. What would you do for a living?”

We’ve all heard it. Typically from the high school guidance counselor trying to guide us in future decisions.

I’ve been thinking a ton about this lately. What is my ideal job? What have I been uniquely created and gifted to do? How do we know?

When I thought about the guidance counselor’s question, I anticipated myself shooting out of be excited for every day. I’d be changing lives! Helping people! Rolling in the dough (I mean that’s in the prompt… I’d already HAVE a million dollars!)

So what happens when life doesn’t live up to those expectations? Am I in the wrong position? Did I choose the wrong major? Should I do something besides Occupational Therapy? Or is there another option?

I, ever the optimist, think there is.

Maybe you don’t love the paperwork, but you do enjoy getting to educate and train the new hires. Maybe you get annoyed by people and their constant messiness, but you are satisfied with a beautiful presentation or paper and can see a task through to completion.

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Likewise, I don’t love every single aspect of my job. I could do without some of the bodily fluids, or crabby patients, or 6 a.m. wake up time, or extensive paperwork. But there are oodles of good things about my job too. I get to meet people when they need help and are typically willing to accept it. I get to practice both an art and a science. I get to be creative and MacGyver things – one of my favorite pasttimes! And I get to read research and know fascinating facts about the brain. It doesn’t happen everyday, but I have moments where I know this is what I’m supposed to do.


What about you? What are you created for? What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

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