Gather round, all, and I shall tell you a tale called “Warmth.”

It began innocently enough with an alligator cleverly disguised as one of our NICU babies. As this alligator began to gator roll, he dislodged his feeding tube. This change was unbeknownst to me, as I was more concerned about keeping his body safe, until several minutes later I had the curious feeling that my lap was suddenly warm. Imagining it to be a newly used warm diaper, I thought nothing of it initially, for this is a common occurrence in my world. However, the persistently pumping feeding tube soon alerted me to its presence.

So I present to you the surgical scrub pants of shame after Eau d’Allimentum soaked my crotch. If you are unaware of the smell of this formula, consider yourself lucky, for it is potent and foul.

After cleaning the gator and getting him settled, I went to labor and delivery, walking like a cowboy after a long ride, to obtain new scrub pants.

Whilst in the bathroom changing my pants and cleaning my nether regions, I discover that also during this time, I have in fact started my monthly.

So I have to go back to the L&D supply closet for fashionable crocheted panties and two inch thick maternity pads. I left the bathroom with a spare fashionable feminine pocket square.

I then waddle, still cowboying walking due to girth of postpartum pad, to return to NICU and finish my list.

All whilst Wearing my new “stoggles” 


So yeah, I’m feeling like a million bucks today.

You had best believe I wrote “wardrobe malfunction” at the bottom of my list today.

Not to sound like an infomercial announcer, but wait there’s more! Remember that second postpartum pocket square that was in my scrub top. Well, I forgot about it… until I did laundry and discovered to my amazement just how much fluff was concealed in that small plastic square. This day was like the Jelly of the Month club… the gift that keeps on giving. So if you seen me on the street corner with some fluff stuck to my clothes, just know I’ve been through a lot and need a hug.

But truthfully, I share this series of unfortunate events so that anyone reading this would know that you’re not alone. Although this is a relatively silly example, life can get you down. Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning and unable to catch a breath before the next wave of loss, or pain, or frustration, or grief comes. I share my misfortune and mistakes to encourage you that where there is warmth (and need for wardrobe changes) there is also warmth in people who see the difficult circumstances in which you may find yourself and choose to stay.

I choose to lean into that warmth.

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  1. All I can say is What a day!!!! I’m sure it wasn’t funny when it happened but it makes me laugh now (and groan). Sure hope that doesn’t happen again any time soon!
    I really like the lesson that there is warmth in people who see your difficult circumstances & choose to stay. Beautifully said.

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