Valor’s Quote of the Day


Picture this: Mom and Kelly in the front seat and Valor and Percy safely strapped in the back; we stop quickly at a yellow light. Valor removes his thumb from his mouth to exclaim, “Mom! I just felt inertia in my body because the car stopped, but my body kept going.” He then replaces his thumb and continues as if nothing unusual just happened. He’s three! I was so impressed!

I consider myself a pretty intelligent individual, but this kid might pass me… next year at that!

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  1. When you were three, you came to California to visit and we were in a public bathroom. And I heard your little voice say ‘”That’s grandmom in the next stall.” You mom asked how you knew that and you replied “because I RECOGNIZED her umbrella!” (which was laying on the floor). Oh yeah. You were pretty well versed in your vocabulary at three as well. :0)
    But inertia?? wow!
    Love, Gram

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