Vacuums and Maturity

Basically, I got a blank check this week.

I earned a special gift at work and was rewarded with a certain number of points to spend in an online catalog of prizes. I flipped through the virtual pages and gazed longingly at many fabulous prizes. IPods, luggage, cameras, Keurigs, iPads, and foot massagers ranked high on my list. But that was until I saw this beauty:

dyson vacuum cleaner

My eyes widened. My jaw dropped. It was breathtaking. (And not just because it could suck the breath right out of me!)

Then I stopped, sat back in my chair, and thought, “How old am I?” At what age did home appliances outrank video games and fancy cameras in desirability? Dyson is undoubtedly the pinnacle of vacuum cleaner technology, but the fact remains that it is a vacuum. It’s designed to collect, dust, dirt, and hair. Why was it so exciting to me?

I think it is a reminder to me of the theme of my year: Adulthood. I have made job changes, financial decisions, and changes in sleep habits because adults do those things. Adults plan for retirement. Adults budget. Adults eat enough fiber. Adulthood is both a decision and a process.

Fancy vacuums represent adulthood to me, that’s why it was so attractive. It showed me I was on the path of maturity.

When did you realize you were an adult? Was a vacuum involved?!?

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