Va Bene

Officially my favorite Italian phrase, va bene means, “It’s going good” and could be substituted for “sounds good” in a typical English sentence.

It is decidedly how I describe our trip to Italy.

Va bene.

Salerno 2015 - Mike-24

It was good. It was life changing. It showed me a people and a culture in a way I never imagined. We worked hard and we played hard. We scrubbed mold and killed bugs, and constructed stages, and served those on the front lines of the gospel. And we played hard. We visited one of the most beautiful places in the world, saw 15 miles worth of sites in Rome, and played bilingual Pictionary.

Va bene.

We became a team. We made lifelong memories. We served. We were blessed. Immensely.

Salerno 2015 - Mike-13



Va bene. 

What defines goodness? Was it how much we got accomplished or how many Italians we interacted with or the sights that we saw? No. That was amazing, but the presence of the Lord was what made this trip va bene. The Lord was present in our team, in the church, and in my heart. I got to thinking that every time I give my time, heart, and life, to the Lord it “is going good.”

Thank you to everyone who made this trip a reality. I am excited to share more as I continue to process nine days of amazing people, work, sights, and lessons learned. Thank you for being a part of this goodness.

Va bene.


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  1. I”m glad the trip went so well in every way even if you did have to run thru airports ! You didn’t know all that half marathon training was going to help you in Italy!

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