Two Right Feet

I had a long day on Wednesday.

With a long day at work and a meeting scheduled afterward, I knew I’d be tired. I at least wanted to be able to change my shoes and relax a little bit. Only, in my haste, I grabbed two different styles of shoes.

Two Right Feet

And both right feet.

Two Right Feet

I had two choices at this point. I could have been frustrated that my toes scraped the pavement as they lopped over the edge of the wrongly-footed shoe. I could have been embarrassed at the way I had to limp and drag my foot to keep the shoe on. Or I could have laughed.

So I laughed.

And I took pictures to commemorate my ineptitude.

I want to live my life more like this. Able to laugh at things that catch me off guard instead of getting so flustered. Life doles out its fair share of two-right-shoed days, but I get to decide whether to grumble or laugh in the midst of them!

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  1. The day we can’t laugh at ourselves is the day when we have made an idol of ourself! Laughter is so healing so laugh on!!

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