My brother is so cool.

He’s fifteen. He’s 6’2″. He’s in that fun life stage somewhere in between playing with action figures and planning retirement.

He loves music. The other day he commented to my mom, “I just feel happiest when I’m playing music.”

He had the huge honor of being named first chair tuba in the all-county honor band. He participated in a blind tryout. (Think the high school version of The Voice.) His big concert was yesterday. After a ten hour practice I wondered if he could have pulled a lip muscle!

But the story gets cooler.

My dad had the brilliant idea of commemorating this achievement. I totally agree. I think if I took more time to stop, reflect, and celebrate achievements before rushing to the next thing, I’d appreciate everything a little bit more.

My dad wanted to get a miniature chair for my brother. He searched and searched. Doll house chairs. Barbie chairs. Miniatures of all kinds. Nothing looked right or was the right size. All were either too formal or too frilly. Until my dad stumbled across a wrestling action figure who accompanied a simple, gray folding chair. (Since to him the folding chair was the main event!) This chair was designed, no doubt, for conking people over the head. But Dad just saw a perfect fit and made this:

 First Chair Tuba


We learn two things from this: 1. Perhaps there is no life stage after playing with action figures! and 2. Kyle, you are great and we’re so proud of you! Sit proudly on your full sized chair and play your heart out!


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