The Tragedy of First Position

I started ballet today… again.

I took dance for years growing up, but haven’t donned my well-worn ballet slippers in over fifteen years.

In my head, I look like a swan. But I’m pretty sure that in real like I resemble a hippo with an inner ear imbalance.

It’s hard. My body has changed, my turnout is gone, my flexibility is history! But I appreciate the discipline more than I did as an elementary student. I appreciate the delicacies of finger placement and toe pointing. I love the feeling of feeling soreness in muscles I’d forgotten I have!

But most of all this re-venture into ballet represents not being afraid to try something new (or new again!) It represents living my one wild and precious life well. At the end of the day, my turnout doesn’t matter. My spontaneity, willingness, and lack of fear matter.

But, ballet is still hard. I can commiserate with this little one!

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  1. I love that the teacher says to the little girl who is struggling, “It’s ok if your SHOES aren’t doing it.” Kind teacher indeed!

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