The Hanging of a Milestone

I’m proud of my hanger. Not just for functioning to keep clothes off of my floor or preventing wrinkles from setting in. I’m proud of my hanger for changing my life.

This ordinary looking hanger changed my life. It was far more than plastic and convenient anti-slip notches. For me, it represented a milestone that I had been working toward for more than two years.




Let me give you a closer look at the milestone. That’s right, the letter M. Gone are the days of XXL labels on my hangers.

hanger close up


I bought a shirt with an “M” sticker and an “M” hanger because it was a medium!

This hanger represents years of labor, hours of meal planning, hundreds of miles trodden, and millions of small decisions that have added up to this gigantic change. The size of the importance is inversely related to the size of the garment.

This is no ordinary hanger. It is far from the fanciest. I got it for free (with shirt purchase!) But the weightiness of its importance in my life cannot be overstated. I’m proud of my hanger.

What have you done that you can be proud of? What small marker can help you celebrate your accomplishment?

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  1. And we are so proud of you too! It’s funny how something so seemingly insignificant can represent a wonderful acheivement in your life. But I really get that!
    Love you!

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