The Divine Booyah!

Remember the unlikely sister I met recently?

Our conversation continued. This woman was feeling down, beaten up by her complicated medical history and numerous surgeries. She was talking to me, but really encouraging herself with her discussion.

She began slowly, but became increasingly more feisty as she talked. “I just get so depressed about this stuff. I don’t want another surgery. I want to heal and feel like myself again. I’m tired of hospitals and doctors and stitches and pain. I feel like Satan is using this to get me down. I don’t want Satan to have such power over my emotions, or my thoughts. He can’t have his way with me. He doesn’t own me! He has no power! He doesn’t win in the end. He can exhaust himself fighting, but he can’t have me. My soul belongs to the Lord. God wins in the end. He wins! Do you know what I’m talking ’bout?”

She posed the question to me. I cracked a smile and responded, “Yes. God wins. It’s the Divine Booyah!”

She stopped, eyed me carefully and exclaimed, “I knew you had some black in you!”

It made me really happy.



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