The Daily Slog

I’ve decided slog is one of my new favorite words. It describes life better than most as it brings the imagery of sludge, drudgery, challenges, and weights. That’s life. That’s not all life is, but it certainly includes a large amount of slog. But acknowledging the slog helps me stay in the madness and not compare myself to others, whose slog may look different.

We slog forward through high mortgage payments and escalating demands at work and never ending diaper changes and grocery lists and bed time meltdowns. We slog forward through graduate school and dealing with family expectations and changing roles at retirement and friction in relationships. But in all this, we can slog with purpose. We can slog with vigor. We can choose to slog.

Although it doesn’t appear glamorous –

We slog with valor, believing that we can be victorious.

We slog with perseverance, knowing that there is purpose in it all.

We slog when life is a mystery and we don’t know what slog we may face next.

We slog forward with the hope of future glory.

Today, I choose to slog. I choose to keep going. I choose to love my current life, not just tolerate it. I choose to share it with others and trust the process.

I choose to silence comparison, the thief of joy. I choose to silence my “what if” muscle comparing a thousand alternative outcomes. I choose to silence second guessing.

Because I believe that God is still at the helm.

I trust the process; I trust Him more.

I choose to be a slogger today.

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