The Comeback Tour

Kenny* and I have been venturing out little by little. We have to plan ahead, pack a bag of supplies, and ensure we have time to mosey instead of sprint. But we’re doing it. Together.

Kenny is hesitant, cautious, persnickety, and demanding.

I am adventurous, playful, and courageous.

We’re working on our relationship.

It has been a challenge for me not to absorb Kenny’s persona. His constant squawking is tiresome and sometimes I just give in. His caution overwhelms my courage. His hesitancy silences my adventurousness. His persnickety-ness overshadows my playfulness.

There have been times that I’ve confused the two of us. And I began to let go of adjectives that are very meaningful to me. I enjoy my adventurous spirit. I went to Australia and climbed to the top of the Harbor bridge without a buddy. I have a costume box, (nay, dresser!) full of playful pieces and whimsy. I am courageous to share honestly and love well even when it’s hard. Kenny hasn’t stolen these things from me, he’s just shouted a lot louder lately.

But he can’t stop the comeback tour. He may delay the milestones. He may need encouragement to let go a little bit. But he’s learning, slowly, but surely, how to have fun.

Get on board, Kenny, The Comeback Tour is in progress.

Visiting my friend and conquering my first athletic outdoorsy activity with Kenny. Spoiler Alert: He loved it.
Kenny Came.
Kenny Conquered!

*Kenny is the name I’ve given to my bionic, surgically repaired left foot.

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