The Breakfast Club

I’m a movie geek.

I love movies. Watching them. Analyzing them. Listening to commentaries. And above all, quoting them. There are few situations in life that don’t remind me of some show or movie scene. I quote movies obsessively. So much so that after I speak a particularly well-crafted sentence, more than one person has asked me, “What’s that from?” And I have to say, “From real life, right now. It’s an original thought.” I must have a bit of a reputation for movie quotage.

But as a self-proclaimed movie geek, there are some glaring holes in my movie history. I’ve started keeping a list of movies that need to be seen. These are not necessarily the best movies of all time, but ones that have been adopted for one reason or another into American culture. They’re highly seen and highly quotable. They need to be a part of my movie quote arsenal.

Last weekend some friends and I got together, had Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and watched The Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club


(Complete with my non-adult Fruity Cheerios cereal!)

As I viewed this flick, giant light bulb turned on as I understood references in everything from movies like Pitch Perfect to shows like Community. I felt invited into a secret club of new quotes, references, and allusions. Plus I got to share the night with delightful friends. We succeeded both in finally understanding old references and in making new memories. It was a splendid time.

I am on the hunt for other quotable movies which have escaped my viewing over the years. Would you like to add to my list of must see movies?

I think Sarah has an idea of a movie to watch next time…



… and she seems pretty excited about it, eh?

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    1. I still have not watched “The Breakfast Club,” and Matt says I need to! Other great movies we’ve seen:
      1. The King of Devil’s Island
      2. Let the Right One In
      3. 12 Angry Men
      4. Departures
      5. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
      6. End of Watch
      7. About a Boy
      8. Zodiac
      9. The Impossible
      10. Downfall

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