Sweaty Handshakes

Caught your attention, eh?

My day was full of nervous laughter, trembling fingers and sweaty handshakes.

I was asked to be on a panel of interviewers to assess applicants to the Master’s of Occupational Therapy program at a local university. First of all, the applicant pool was rather impressive. Smartly dressed. Well-spoken. Passionate students.

But, boy, were they nervous.

Interviews Waiting

It was my first experience being on the other side of the table and that three feet made miles of difference. I’ve always been the student. The one trying to make a good first impression. The one tugging at sleeves, wiping brows, and trying to appear both at-east and articulate at the same time.

It’s exhausting.

I spent hours posing questions, jotting notes, and analyzing answers. I could see myself in each of these applicants. They’re nervous. Their future seems uncertain. They want someone further along in the process to calm their nerves and tell them it will all be okay. I want that too. I want someone to look into my future and let me know the answers to my questions.

I was bemoaning my own future options to a good friend recently and asking her for advice on many levels. She wisely interrupted me and said, “Kelly, it’s not about where you’ll end up. It’s about whether you’ll trust God for your future or if you’ll choose to be in control.”

Boom. Just like that she dropped some knowledge on me.

I fret. With as much time as I spend worrying, you’d get the impression that I am a professional fret-er. I want to trust in the Lord and quit my nail-biting, energy-zapping, anxiety-craze. Because worrying does not empty tomorrow of its problems, it only empties today of its strength.

Perhaps faith in a loving and planning God is the antidote for sweaty handshakes!

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  1. Such wisdom!
    worrying does not empty tomorrow of its problems, it only empties today of its strength.

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