My brother is a rock star.

I am his groupie.

I traveled back home last weekend to watch him compete (and WIN!) a state wide marching competition. I also had the pleasure of hearing Wind Symphony perform a special Veteran’s Day concert.


I was so impressed with the entire band. These are high school students, I kept reminding myself, but they were disciplined, mature, gracious, and team-oriented. They stood at attention, carrying (in my brother’s case) a forty pound instrument while the standings were announced. They encouraged one another and worked for a common goal.

SUDA is the band’s catch phrase or motto. It stands for: Spirit. Unity. Discipline. Attitude.

And boy do these young adults have SUDA in spades!

My brother is a rock star. Not just because he is very gifted at music, but because he drives himself to do more. He does drills to build up strength for carrying his tuba. He does lip exercises to create the perfect buzz. He gives high fives to his band-mates after their concert solos. He takes his job seriously.

I am proud to be his groupie!

Right now, they are standing on the field at Florida’s State Competition, ready to showcase Carmen and their efforts. Good luck, Golden Regiment! You’ve already made us proud!



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