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I’m still learning about this blogging thing.

I enjoy writing – that doesn’t take a lot of effort. And I’ve gotten used to whipping out my phone to take pictures when something strikes me as humorous or blog-worthy so I have some visual interest to my posts. But the web design and “blogging back end” still baffle me.

I am thankful for friends who helped me with set up and decision making at the beginning of this adventure.

I spent some time today working through my website again. Reminding myself where certain crucial plug ins or settings are because it’s not always intuitive.

And I discovered two things that made me smile:

1. I’ve had over 5,000 visits to my blog. Holy frijoles! That’s a lot of posts and a lot of readers. Truly, thank you! You keep me writing and processing life and that is a good and healthy thing!

2. One of my plug ins tells me how people got to my blog. They could type in the link directly or be directed here by Facebook or Twitter. It also tells me what people searched on a search engine like Google that directed them to People sometimes search occupational therapy or MacGyver or log flume rides. And, as it would happen, someone searched “how to fix a crown” last week… and Google in it’s wisdom directed that individual here! I found it hi-larious! Hopefully my blog helped that person, or at least gave him a giggle, or let him know that someone else has been through such an ordeal!

Tooth glue Crown

So, maybe I should troll around my blog’s back end more often, because it made me laugh as well!!

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  1. I think back ends can sometimes be funny too. I continue to enjoy your posts!! Thank you for sharing bits of your life.

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