Space Camp!

I just received a message from space.

I got a birthday package from Space Camp courtesy of my friend Tracy. It had nerdy shirts, NASA stickers, and antigravity paraphernalia, along with this little gem.

Space Camp Tracy


Tracy, and a team of highly trained high school teachers (who moonlight as space cowboys) got to attend adult space camp and perform experiments in microgravity. On my birthday! So, a month later I received my very first microgravity birthday greetings from weightless Tracy.

It made my heart happy that my friend got to have this experience and that she took me with her! I felt very loved that in the mist of SPACE CAMP — where my brain might have spontaneously exploded with nerdy joy — that my friend thought of me, planned ahead and sent me a gift that can never be replicated. Thanks, Tracy! Slow motion, microgravity, high fives to you, friend!


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