Sole Mates

I’m missing a sock.

Half of my favorite pair of running socks. I love them because they’re different. Bright green. Snazzy – with a little extra flair. And Functional – so they don’t slip down my heel mid-run.

But one has been missing for weeks. She ran away after her last time in the laundry.

I searched washer, dryer, and floor. Hamper, sock drawer, and roommate’s laundry piles. To no avail.

I finally got tired of looking at one lonely sock. So I did something about it. I wrote a letter:

Sole Mate Lonely


The note reads:

“Sock seeking Sole Mate! Enjoys exercise and the wind in my fibers and the feel of a good bath afterward. If you find any sock that would fit this profile, send her my way! Love, one lonely green sock.”

My plan was to pin the note to the sock and hang  it in the laundry room so that four sets of eyes could look for his mate instead of just one.

But I decided to change out of my PJ’s first. I chose a shirt to wear for the day, and as luck would have it, the matching green sock fell out of my shirt! No joke! I started giggling right there in my closet.

matching green socks sole matesI didn’t even get to the laundry room to post my note! But I was delighted nonetheless. This wasn’t a waste of time, searching for my missing sock for weeks, or writing this note, or taking pictures and writing this blog post for that matter. Without even intending to, I’d just created a story. I turned a frustration into something fun.

And that is always a worthwhile activity!

IMG_0504Thanks for reading. Hopefully I won’t have to do anymore sock match making for some time. But I do have to admit that my Sock Match note did find a mate in about thirty seconds. That has to be a record!



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  1. I only have one pair of good running socks, and it just so happens that they are Brooklyn’s favorite pair, too! I have to put away the laundry promptly after dryer removal if I plan on keeping tabs on my socks! (WHY that pair?!) Maybe I need a snazzy green pair just to throw her off…

  2. Ah, a love story with a fairy tale ending. May your socks have a long life together!!!
    Footnote: why can’t my lonely socks find a happy ending?

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