Sock Hop!

I dug through my costume box and broke out this skirt (that my mom made me when I was nine years old!) for a very special event.

Sock hop

My friends are involved with a local ministry, Lift Disability, which caters to children with disabilities and their families. As part of this ministry, they host monthly outings to give the kids a chance to play and the parents a chance to mingle. Last month’s event was a sock hop, hence the get up!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I spend most days working with kids with disabilities so I’m not uncomfortable in that arena at all, but I felt out of my element this night. Not because of the kids; because my role was different. I wasn’t attending this night as a therapist. I didn’t have the luxury of reading medical records or knowing what milestones were achieved ahead of time. I found myself diagnosing people at first, until I realized, that wasn’t the point. I was not an OT at this event, I was a friend. When I realized this, it was very freeing. I participated in the hula hop competition, danced, helped with the photo booth and got to spend the evening playing with hilarious, creative, shy, playful kids. Realizing my role made the night much more enjoyable.

Has such an epiphany ever happened to you?


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