Sneaky Cheeky

He started off fairly harmless.

Cheeky, my Elf on a Shelf, was impish, mischievious even, but harmless. We’d find him under planters, in pockets, or hiding in the refrigerator.


He was like a long lost friend. We sought him and were excited to find him. It was typically accompanied by merriment and laughter!

Cheeky was a friend, a sojourner with us through the season of advent. A small reminder that Christmas was on its way.

He started out harmless… and he became increasingly brazen as the month progressed!

No longer did he hide at eye level or in fairly obvious places. Oh no! He challenged us mentally and physically! Here’s my roommate attempting to retrieve Cheeky from his perch.

It became more urgent to find him. We walked through the house constantly on the look out for Sneaky Cheeky!

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