Smart, Funny or Beautiful?

“Fluffy, big-boned, hefty, heavy-set, solid, thick, well-nourished, overweight, big girl.”

Everyone has their euphemisms for what’s really going on.

And I was tired of it.

I was tired of being unable to keep up physically. I was tired of being unable to shop in the misses department like my slender, petite friends. I was tired of spending so much effort to hide my stomach. I was tired of looking at my patients and wondering when I’d be the one having heart trouble or a stroke. I was tired of literally insulating myself from the world with a layer of fat.

Kelly's Fat Photo

So I did something about it.

I joined Weight Watchers eighteen months ago and started a new journey.

The first few weeks were rough. But not in the way I’d expected. Yes, I had to learn the rules, how to use eTools and how to calculate PointsPlus values. But that wasn’t the hard part. What was more challenging for me was learning to reopen a door I’d shut in my heart long ago. At some point in my life I’d decided that I was the smart one, the funny one, but that I would never be the beautiful one.

But now that is different. Now I am different.

Eighteen months later, I am nearly seventy pounds lighter. My blood pressure is within normal range. I have fewer headaches, aches and pains. I sleep more soundly. I am training for my fourth 5K — with obstacles! I’ve started “no elevator days” at the hospital where I work – on the eleventh floor! I’ve been excited to see changes in myself and have created a culture of health all around me. I’m famous for sharing recipes with co-workers. For encouraging others to make small changes that add up. I’m excited to keep up in ways I never could before. I’m thrilled to show off my new figure -it’s the visual aide for my success story.

I’m also excited that it’s not over! I’m not a goal weight, but I am so much closer than where I started. My past success drives me to achieve more. I’ve become a better version of myself. Through this journey, I’ve learned that I can be the smart one, the funny one, and the beautiful one.


Note: I’ve been hesitant to share my weight loss journey openly because I do not want to be solely a “thin-spirational” blog. But this journey is a part of me. It consumes a good portion of my thoughts. It requires planning. I would be remiss not to share this large part of my life. May you be inspired to be healthy and make small changes that really do add up!

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  1. 1 Samuel 16:7 says “God sees not as man see, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” You have one of the most beautiful hearts of anyone I know. To God you are BEAUTIFUL. Yes, we do need to pay attention to our health and I am glad that you are succeeding on this journey, but neither God nor I could love you any more than we now do!!
    That being said, keep up the good work!!
    Love, Gram

  2. This blog post is very encouraging to me personally. I started WW two weeks ago, again. It will take a minimum of a whole year to lose the 114 pounds that place me in the morbidly obese category, but more importantly to “take every thought captive…”. Reading about you sticking with this discipline for 18 months encourages me to look at this most difficult of challenges as a life-journey of finding a better version of the real me. I want nothing more than to honor my Heavenly Father with my life and the heart that allowed me to insulate myself from the world by buffeting (and I do mean the All-You-Can-Eat type) my body daily needs desperately to be continually sanctified by His Truth. I too am beautiful; something I’ve had a hard time believing. Thank-you for being an inspiration with your life.

  3. Odd, isn’t it, the way your mirror is different than my vision. You are and always have been beautiful, Kelly. We look at ourselves much more critically and unfairly than anyone else. Your journey to health as well as the journey to see yourself through God’s eyes, His chosen princess, is much more important than the mirror or what is touted in magazines/tv/etc. You are so loved – keep challenging us to look at ourselves with Truth! Hugs

  4. Yay! I am on WW too & have lost almost 30 lbs- but also hesitate to share online. For me I never thought I could be anything but the ‘chubby sister’ (i have 2 beautiful & slim sisters) and am loving the change. It has really brought to light how unhealthy my eating & view of myself was.

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