Shivers and Snot

I’m sick.

It’s gross… there’s just no way around that!

I’m not sure what bothers me most: the inability to ever maintain the correct temperature to blanket ratio for more than a minute, the incredible amount of tissue boxes that I consume in my snot-filled state, the hazy, drooped eye lids which only give me a partial view of the world, or the lack of productivity.

I know, I’m ridiculous! I’m sick. I’m allowed to have a cold! But I sit, blow my nose, drink my tea, clear my throat and think of all the things I should be doing. I should be at work. I should be writing blog posts. I should be making jewelry for my upcoming craft fairs.

I should be resting.

I am an incredibly driven person. In fact, my friend Abby recently said, “I’ve never thought of myself as lazy, but next to you, it’s like I never leave my bed!” I’m obsessed. A good day to me is a productive day. I’m fighting hard to break that pattern.

Perhaps my current state of shivers and snot is meant to force me to rest.

So I’m going to do that now and try not to focus on what isn’t getting done, but be thankful for what is.

PS- I’ll spare you photos for today. I’m sure you can imagine!

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  1. Bummer you are sick – and (not but) it makes for a GREAT blog post title. I thoroughly enjoy this blog title. I enjoy it in a complete manner. 🙂

  2. Forced rest is often the only rest people like you and me receive. Your job is to rest. And yes, you can check that off the list after you feel better.

  3. You are doing what is important…resting,, thinking,, and “God only knows what else” He has in mind for you, by allowing this season of sickness…

    The urgent will always be there…it’s hard to do the Important over the urgent..but during sickness we are forced to do the important since doing the urgent is impossible…

    the older I get, the more contemplative I get….which may look unproductive on the outside, but to me, it’s the important, which trumps the urgent..

    For starters, any suffering I’ve had in life I believe has helped me become more compassionate to others who suffer..and that is one important goal to achieve!!! An important thing, and sometimes it’s even an urgent thing, so the person God allows me to help comfort.

    Nevertheless, get well soon dear Kelly! Sending prayers your way.

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