Random Ranting, Part I

I currently have a cold — which causes me to watch a lot of DVDs — which allows me to notice things. Things look different on TV than they do in real life. Herein lies my random rant: Coffee to go delivered in a paper bag.

I’ve seen it on multiple shows with Gilmore Girls perhaps being the biggest culprit.

Gilmore Girls

Has anyone else noticed that a to go cup of coffee is often delivered in a paper bag? It happens all the time. Actor one shows up with a treat for actor two which consists of a paper cup of coffee in an oversized paper bag. It’s not a snug fitting paper bag which would encourage the dangerously hot beverage to remain upright in the bag. Not only this, but said bag is wantonly slung around during transport with no regard for the scalding liquid carried inside! Where did we get this idea from? Does any store actually deliver to go coffee in a paper bag? I’ve seen the cup carriers — which seems to me a far safer transport method.

I think this random rant means, first of all, that I need to get well and stop watching TV, but more importantly to remind myself that DVDs don’t represent real life. No one’s life wraps up neatly in 22 or 44 minute segments. Everyone’s life has strings of days which hold either little drama or little laughter, or both. Everyone spills their coffee sometimes… which is why we should not carry it in paper bags!

Has anyone else ever noticed this? I may have just ruined you if you didn’t because you’ll see it everywhere now!

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