Pillows and Home

This is not just any pillow.

Florida Pillow

It represents my family.

First, it pictorally represents Florida. Where we have lived nearly all our lives. Our hearts reside here, in our favorite, sunny, warm, oddly-shaped state. Gator colors show our school pride where three alums, (and maybe a fourth!) proudly sang “We are the boys.” The heart is for you, Mom and Dad, to remind you of when and where you met, fell in love, committed to one another and began a family. This pillow is bright and striking and different. It can be a subtle match to our plaque– currently safely hidden in the laundry room– which reads, “Remember, as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice normal family.” It is soft and huggable and draws people into a warm and protecting environment. It is stuffed to seams with batting showing how much love we squeeze into our household and our relationships. It is handmade; each stitch a treasure and an act of love. Each cut and thread a careful and intentional act. This is how we seek to live – forever stitching our lives together in love, creating a priceless thing called home.

Happy Anniversary to two wonderful parents who have taught me how to live and love just like this pillow! Thank you for creating a safe, creative, loving, zany home for me!


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