I am incredibly driven and rarely take time to reflect on accomplishments. I take basic skills for granted. I am not thankful. I am skilled in making small decisions overwhelming. I have trouble with perspective.

I learned this about myself in a new way this week by an unlikely tutor: the stomach flu.

I was awakened in the wee hours of Monday with a queasy grumbling which quickly evolved into a gastro-intestinal exodus of explosive proportions.

(You’re welcome.)

Keeping food from reappearing too early would certainly be on my short list of “taken for granted skills.” But, no longer! At least while the memory of Monday remains. I was down for the count. I did nothing more than move from bed to “throne” and back all day long. It was miserable. It took more sustained focus than a standardized test for me just to sip Gatorade and nibble on Saltine crackers. Nothing seemed to function as it should. My body was staging a coup.

But my rebellious body gave me perspective.

But today was great! I went to work (still on the mend truthfully, my energy level isn’t what I’m used to) but the normal annoyances of everyday life didn’t bother me today. Traffic. Grouchy patients. Delays. Dropped Internet signals. All were secondary to a fully functioning (and behaving) GI tract! I was able to have slightly more perspective today and be thankful. I hope it lasts.

And more importantly, I hope it doesn’t take the stomach flu to remind me every time I lose sight of how blessed my life is.

What gives you perspective?



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  1. So sorry about Monday!!!!!!!! I get perspective when I am sitting in the surgery waiting room and hearing others talk about their very sick loved ones. The anxiety in their voice and face remind my road is easier this time.

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