Olympic Perseverance

Human interest stories outrank medal counts.

olympic rings

At least in my mind. I want to know the back story. The How and the Why of the athletes much more than I want to know the What. In my mind, the color of the medal pales in comparison to the sacrifices, tears, successes and years of training to get there. I want to see Olympic Perseverance.

But I’m a writer. I love a good story.

This is what I want to see in the Olympics.

That’s Olympic Perseverance.

What about you? Who comes to your rescue when you need it most? Who encourages you to finish, walks alongside you, lets you cry on their shoulder? Who helps you persevere?

Do you have Olympic Perseverance? What’s your story?

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  1. That’s a good question. Another question to pose: who do choose to come to the aid of when they need strength in persevering. In my life now, I find that I’m weary from helping our son battle his health issues…but I’m constantly reminded no to give up on Perseverance and the process we are enduring together.

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