New Fluffy Town

“I’ve decided that adulthood is overrated. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my blanket fort eating Bugles from my fingertips and watching a movie.”

This was a meme that was passed around through cyberspace not so long ago. But we made it come true!

Last weekend, one of my roommates felt the need to be swaddled. She’d had an overwhelming day and needing to block out some sensory input.  I walked out into the living room to this sight.

blanket fort childhood small

I immediately “knocked” and asked to join her!

I then went to grab another roommate, who has having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I knew just the prescription: BLANKET FORT!

In order to accommodate the growing population of New Fluffy Town (as I dubbed our fort) we architected a larger scale rendition.

IMG_1848 blanket fort

We then completed the childhood recapitulation by eating cookies, drinking Capri Sun and eating Bugles from our fingertips… and watching Peter Pan — on VHS. For a few hours on Sunday night, we were in a time warp. We forgot about work and school the next day, piled into our makeshift shelter, and enjoyed the moment.

IMG_1850 IMG_1849 blanket fort

blanket fort

New Fluffy Town was magic. Not because we didn’t return to adulthood later, but because it gave us something different. Something to be excited about: we created a memory. We did something that won’t soon be forgotten. It was fun and silly and perfect. It was our celebration of childhood and togetherness.

Sometimes I forget how blessed my life is. I can easily focus on what I don’t have and want rather than celebrate what I do have in droves! I have community, friends, time, and friendship. New Fluffy Town reminded me how awesome life is.

house friends, blanket fortWhat could you do to create a memory and celebrate what blessings you have in life?


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