National Doughnut Day

Want a free, sweet, melt in your mouth, ring of tasty goodness?

Me too.

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day. I made sure to celebrate. The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day. This 76-year old tradition was first launched by the Salvation Army to honor World War I volunteers as troops returned home. But today we honor people who can parallel park and patiently wait in line to snag their free doughnut!

My roommates and I decided to celebrate this year, so we traveled, with the rest of the city seemingly, to Krispy Kreme for a fresh, hot, melt in your mouth ring of sweet doughy goodness! Yesterday, the “Hot Now” sign never turned off. It was a machine of doughnuts ticking down the conveyor belt, flying off the belt as fast as they could be replaced.

krispy kreme doughnut donut

There were a dozen workers, providing smiling service to the line of customers extending out the door and around the building. This was far from the most efficient method to satisfy my sweet tooth, but it made a memory. I went with friends. We did something out of the ordinary. We had an adventure. We celebrated life.

And we ate doughnuts! Always a good decision!

roommates, doughnut day

How do you celebrate everyday moments and memories?


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