My Wall of Accomplishment

It used to be that we put coloring pages, aced tests, and report cards on the fridge for posterity. I used to joke that something had to be deemed fridge-worthy to make it to that metallic, silver bastion of accomplishment.  Watch out, fridge, I’ve upped the ante. Now my successes will be proudly displayed on my (duh du-duh-duhhh!) Wall of Accomplishment! (If you read that with the sound of reverberation in your head, I’ve done my job well.)

It’s running season. Regular readers know that because of posts. My roommates know that because of my continual stretching on the living room floor. Anyone who has been around me knows that because I formulate my week around the best running times. I’m training. I’m earning medals. I’m pushing myself in ways I did not think possible a few years ago.

I need a place to celebrate!

I special ordered a one-of-a-kind wall hanger to display my running winnings and I hung it up today. As I sit here writing this, I can glance to my left and remember each race. How anxious I was in the starting chute. How long it took me to complete. Who ran with me and how I felt at the magical finish line.

My Wall of Accomplishment makes me smile.

But it would not be complete without the painted message as well which reads, “Run with endurance the race set before us.” That is from Hebrews chapter 12. It was my favorite Bible verse before I started running, but it has so much more meaning now. Life is a really long run; keep moving forward. Running has been a lengthy, sweat-filled, toenail-losing, muscle-cramping, incredibly rewarding object lesson for me.

All of those emotions return when I gaze at my Wall of Accomplishment. In life, as in each race, I run with endurance the race set out before me. I race against myself, but I do not race alone.

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Here’s to earning more medals! If you’re interested in your own Wall of Accomplishment (or just for fun!) my friends Kat and Cobie at and order your own!

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