My Resolutions?

So after all my high brow talk about making resolutions… some of you have asked what MY resolutions are for 2013!

I’m glad you asked! (And thanks for reading 🙂

In 2013 I am resolved to:

1. Write at least 100 blog posts.

I truly feel healthiest when writing. That’s the point of this blog. I love getting feedback, but even more than that I love feeling like I’m learning all that I can in life. When I was in seminary I wrote a monthly update and one supporter commented, “I think you just get so much more out of life because you have to put it on paper.” Perhaps I Think On Paper was born that day.

2. I will memorize two chapters of scripture.

At the Passion Conference last week John Piper gave a simple, but poignant exhortation during the leader community group. “Memorize scripture. Not just various verses, but whole sections. Drench your life with the Word of God.” I am calling it Operation Saturation! I want to swim around in the scriptures. To soak it in. I want to spend time in the Bible memorizing verses so that I’ll never be without them. Memorizing scriptures allows them to be my constant companions.

(As a note, I haven’t chosen what sections to memorize. Any suggestions?)

3. I will run a 5K in thirty minutes or less.

I completed my first 5K in November in 34:17. I was so excited! Up to that point I had never even ran 3.1 miles in my training program. So whatever my time was it was automatically my record! That was comforting going into the race! I’d love to keep up the hard work and see a few minutes come off my time.

4. And finally, I resolve to know God better, to experience another year of grace, to be thankful for my many blessings.

I don’t want to think of a “golden age” in my Christian walk. As in, “I was really close to God in college.” I want every year to be the pinnacle of my relationship with the Lord. That is my continual resolution –for which I will always strive — and never quite arrive. Sometimes, even when you can’t obtain the final goal, it’s worth moving forward, little by little toward something valuable and worth fighting for.

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