My Food Resolutions

Warning: This resolution has nothing to do with dieting! (Can I get an” Amen”?)

After the last post you might be wondering what sort of resolutions I make.

Until two or three years ago I made the typical “lose weight” “get healthy” “spend less” type of resolutions, but they never seemed to pan out. So I started to branch out some more.

Three years ago my resolution was to cook a new recipe each month.  I would guess that at that point I had a dozen meals in my repertoire. Tacos, calzones, chicken and rice, salad, potato soup, and pitas topped the list of favorites. I’m single so I cook for one and it can get pretty tedious. I typically make a full sized dish, of chicken and rice for instance, and then eat it for six consecutive meals. By the end of the week I never wanted to see that food again. I’d rotate through the rest of my dozen meals and right about that time I’d be craving chicken and rice again. It made my grocery bills less expensive, but didn’t make me excited for dinner.

So I did something about it.

Goulash. It’s what’s for dinner!

I asked for a few cookbooks for Christmas that year and actually read them! (Novel concept, eh?) I incorporated twelve new dishes into the rotation. And they were pretty good! I carefully chose recipes, measured, and matched the finished product to the all-too-perfect picture. Most of them were winners, some didn’t make the cut. It made a huge difference in my health and my mood to be excited about what I was eating rather than diligently and disdainfully munching on the sixth serving of whatever it was. It may have been the first resolution I actually kept. And it gave me a desire to make more! (More food and more resolutions!!)


What about you? What is your favorite recipe? What’s your standard go-to recipe after a long day?

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  1. If I were you, I’d freeze half of those 6 servings so you don’t have to eat the leftovers all week! Yuck, leftovers are no fun after the 2nd time in a row.

    One of our families favorite “go to” meals is tuna pasta. The ingredients are shelf stable so it’s easy to keep on hand and make in 10 min flat.
    1 cup elbow macaroni (cooked per package instructions)
    1 can tuna
    1 can peas (or frozen peas – cooked in microwave)
    1-2 Tbs mayo
    Dried onion
    Celery salt to taste (we use a lot – this makes the meal, don’t skip it)
    Mix together and serve chilled

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