Monochromatic Pride

One of my little friends colored a picture for me last week. She labored on it with diligence and focus, using the one marker currently available to her.

She laid on the floor for steadiness, stayed within the lines, went over the desires sections again and again until, in her eyes, it was perfect.

Jasmine color

She then presented it to me saying, “Here Miss Kelly! This should go on your fridge!”

She didn’t care that in most people’s eyes it would be ugly. She didn’t care that it looks like Jasmine fell asleep in the tanning bed. She didn’t mind that the birds, fountain and flowers were all the same color. She didn’t mince words or reserve judgment. She thought it was amazing and she wanted me to appreciate it too. She demonstrated monochromatic pride. 

I loved it. 

I loved not only that she wanted to present this to me, but that she told me how amazing it was. She declared it “fridge-worthy” without hesitation. She wasn’t bragging, she was just declaring it’s worth. I promised this monochromatic picture would make its way to my fridge. I loved this picture because I saw my young friend’s beaming smile, her excitement and her declaration of worth. This picture gave me a window into the  freedom and joys of childhood and it made my heart smile.

Kids get celebrating. Adults often don’t. As we age we seem to get less fridge-worthy recognition. Adulthood is full of small victories and long journeys and, at times, I need to look back and appreciate what I’ve achieved. I need people that can help me recognize my “fridge-worthy” moments — whether they’re impressive to anyone else or not.

This picture represents so much to me –it’s on my fridge right now and I think it’s beautiful!

What have you done today that my little friend would declare to be “fridge-worthy”?

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