I wait.

I fret.

I long for blocked goals.

I trust.

Meanwhile is a beautiful word in literature. it indicates that action is continuing, often without the knowledge of the protagonist. it is not a side adventure, but a concurrent expanding of the plot and story. The side investigation may prove effective to capture the perpetrator. The side research may yield the crucial information just in time. The side acquaintanceship may prove itself worthy of the deepest love. The protagonist may come to learn of the action or she may just need to trust that it is in fact happening. If I am the main character of this story, I hope that there is meanwhile action happening. I hope for a shift in circumstances. I hope for a larger story, lesson, plot, and power than I see currently.

I wait. Meanwhile, God acts.

I fret. Meanwhile, Jesus comforts.

I long for blocked goals. Meanwhile, the Spirit intercedes on my behalf.

I trust. Meanwhile the triune object of my trust is working.

I participated in a writing workshop recently on the topic of waiting and one of my fellow authors penned this paragraph that spoke to me as I read it this morning, “I know Him more. I trust Him more. I love Him more. Because of what He did in the waiting.” (Carla Ritz).

I believe the tapestry of my story, and of all our stories, is more complicated than we could possibly imagine. I believe there are forces and factors at play in our individual stories that we don’t understand now, and may never understand. I believe that God is always at work and that our short, but significant lives are in reality the meanwhile action.

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  1. I am so proud of you, Kelly girl! God is not sleeping…He is waiting for His perfect timing for you and in you. He is at work in you to will and to work for His good pleasure…His Words, not mine. Love you more…Momma Smith

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