Math and Rest

Don’t scoff. This math is fun!

I started running a few years ago and registered for a half marathon because my friend, Tracy, can get me to do crazy things. I had never run before in my life. I always said I was saving up my run because we are each allotted a finite amount of run in our lives and I might be chased some day and need all my run saved up! I started off with the “Couch to 5K” program running 30 seconds at a time and worked my way slowly up to running several miles. The training program I was following was from Olympian Jeff Galloway which recommended that I run for four minutes and walk for one minute and perform intervals throughout the entire race to perform the fastest.

I scoffed.

“What did he know?” I asked. “He’s only an Olympic distance runner. I’ve been doing this for six months, I obviously know better!” I continued to run, arguing with the program and repeatedly doing the mental math – if I run at a 10 minute mile and walk at an 18 minute mile, there’s no way I can finish faster if I walk every few minutes. So I pushed through, lengthened my time running, injured my knee and killed my feet until I had no choice but to walk intermittently… and cut 15 minutes off my time.

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God’s math is not like our math. Jesus is 100% human and 100% divine. Three persons=1 God. And in relation to the Sabbath 1+1 (working on Saturday and Sunday equally) is not the same as 2+0 (preparing for the Sabbath and taking a break). I didn’t believe that until I started running intervals. Learn from my foolishness. Olympic distance runners, and more importantly God, know what they’re talking about.

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