Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Here is a compilation of the New England Autumn beauty I got to experience during my recent trip to Rhode Island and Massachusetts!



Here I am enjoying cable TV and room service. Oh,simple joys.


Paddling my way?


Yes, that is a carved pumpkin!


John Hancock’s punny family crest (complete with roosters and a hand!) He designed it himself and apparently had a sense of humor.


Our tour guide for the Freedom Trail who informed us that Paul Revere shows up nearly everywhere in Boston’s history, much like a colonial Kevin Bacon.



We waited in line several hundred people long and fought our way to the counter to enjoy a delightful and totally-worth-the-hassle cannoli at Mike’s Pastry.



The Head of the Charles Regatta… how quintessentially Bostonian!


They were filming something just across from Cheers and Boston Commons. We watched for some time and all they did was walk back and forth in the “rain.” Not sure I’ll pay to see this flick.


Churches full of hymns and history stir my soul.



Autumn leaves create the most beautiful fire I’ve ever seen.

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