It’s Running Season

Don’t hate me feet.

Or knees.

Or hips.

Or lungs for that matter!

Why do I make these requests whilst wrapped in Kinesio tape and neoprene?

Because it is officially running season.

run for joy, night of joy
The pretty, well put together “before” picture.

My first race of the season was last Saturday. I ran with my friend Olivia in her first ever 5K. It was a tough run. I didn’t feel properly trained, stretched, or prepared. Not to mention the fact that my GPS device told me I had completed 3.1 miles about a half a mile too early (it was really tough to keep running after that misinformation!) But I don’t run to keep time or earn medals or beat the competition. I run to prove to myself that I can. I run as a picture of the race of life. Sometimes it is arduous, sometimes you want to quit, sometimes a voice tells you that you’re finished a half a mile too early.

Keep going.

Take a breath. Put one foot in front of another. Glance to your side and know that friends are running with you.

That’s why I run. That’s why I’m excited it is the start of running season.

Together we run for joy!

run for joy after
The sweat-soaked, sore, I-need-calories-now “after” picture!


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  1. If it was a Disney race, then chances are you DID finish a half mile early – I’ll bet you had to weave in and out of human obstacles! Stay well, knees! I’m dealing with some plantar fasciitis from wearing dress shoes all day. What’s unprofessional about the latest Mizunos?!

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