Holy Imbalance

I’m still thinking about my one word.

Rest. Balance. Sabbath. Change. New. Achievement. Learning.

Those are potential options.

I shared my one word challenge with my friend and editor, Abby, during our weekly Skype date last week. I told her some of my options with balance leading the top of the list. She shocked me with how she responded.

kelly Abby Gjertsen

“No, Kelly, you don’t need balance because the way you’re defining balance means that you are in control and aligning your time to minimize surprises. I don’t want you to be balanced. I want you to have more, to live on the edge for God. To have more of the good things He has planned for you. And in order to do that you must have less of the other things. The lesser things. The things that steal your attention from the important things. I pray against balance. I pray for holy imbalance for you.”

Part of me wanted to reach through the screen and smack her! “I pray against imbalance!?!” Bite your tongue! I work so hard to foster balance in my life and feel imbalanced constantly. I do want to be in control. I want to organize and run things how I think they should be. I am afraid of imbalance.

Maybe I’m fighting the wrong battle.

What does holy imbalance look like? To make room for and experience more of the good things that God has prepared for me?

Abby’s prayer still scares me.

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  1. I was inspired by a recent post from you. It played a part in my “lightly jogging’ my first 5K. (Just by myself; nothing organized). But realizing you set a 5K goal and achieved it gave me courage to try. Wasn’t so hard after all! I have walked various 5K’s before, organized and personal. But I never jogged the whole time! So it was my “personal best” fastest time. Not very fast compared to most folks, but a nice achievement for me.

    Plus, we are in Mike’s class for Budgeting and working on that area too.
    Thanks for your inspiring example!

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