Holy Hair Flair

I feel like I am missing a word. Like it should read, “Holy Hair Flair, Batman!”

Maybe that’s just showing my age. But that really has nothing to do with my story!

A friend of mine is headed to Africa, to coastal Kenya, in a few short weeks. I’ve sent her with an extra special present: Holy Hair Flair. I thought about the difficulty of cross-cultural, inter-generational, second-tongue work- and it is a strain in the best of circumstances. My church adopted this people group, the Digo people, over a decade ago. We raised funds and built a well, commissioned the translation of the Bible into their native language, and have sent dozens of people over to care for, educate, train, and love on this people. This latest team will be doing medical, literacy, and handiman work.  How can four people traveling literally half way across the world take all the books, tools, and medicines that they might need? And why would I add to their load?

My prayers are that the small bag bursting with hair flair will provide an “in” a way to communicate love and excitement without the benefit of the same language.

I was scheduled to visit this same people group two years ago, but for many reasons, the trip was canceled. I’ve always mourned that. I wanted to send a little bit of myself with the team this year and I figured what better way to do that than through hair flair?! I carefully chose an assortment of styles, sizes, colors, and clips.

And then I prayed.

I prayed that they would be a small blessing, a little reminder of love, a memento representative of a whole group of people in America who care about this tribe and work for it’s well-being.

That’s what makes it Holy Hair Flair –the love with which it is sent. May it succeed it it’s purpose!

Hair Flair

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  1. Yeah there was a large group set to go two years ago which was part of why it was cancelled.

    This year’s team is : Brooke Wilhoit, Kurt Bowerman, and Tommy and Sarah Bauer. They are so gifted and will be amazing!! 🙂

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