Holey Lessons

I learned a valuable lesson from my sock today.

Here’s my story: I found a pair of work shoes I’d forgotten I had last week.


They were in good shape, and felt way more comfortable than I remembered. I thought I’d struck gold! New, comfortable shoes, right there in my closet! Why had I buried them in the back? Why had I stopped wearing these shoes?

hole in sock

Oh yeah. That’s why.

These shoes are sock devour-ers. I’d forgotten about this unseen side effect.

But this silly example, with it’s casualty of one sock, got me thinking. What else have I forgotten? How else do I idealize the past and forget the struggle, the pain, the holes in my heart? I think more often than I’d like to admit. We all are at risk for this type of thinking — with past relationships, or previous jobs, or former housing situations. We can forget the difficult, strenuous, or tumultuous times and long for what was. I want, instead, to remember the struggle and be thankful for where I am now. I learned a lesson from my sock today.

The Struggle is part of the Story

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