Friends with Benefits

I just finished my first week in my new job.

(Insert obligatory first day of school picture with lunch box here)


I was oriented, trained, educated, evaluated, queried, and most of all encouraged.

I was encouraged by my trainers that I was picking up things fast,  asking great questions and even offering suggestions for future treatment sessions. I made one cry because she said my documentation of the treatment session was so thorough and descriptive.

I was also encouraged that so many people on my former team checked in on me, asked me to lunch, texted me to check in, and were excited to see me when we passed in the hallway. I even got a spectacular package filled with notes from my little friend Valor AND my TSA-confiscated Kelly Jelly!!

Kelly Jelly

I am thankful for the new challenge and the growth as a practitioner. I am thankful to care for the least and the littlest and to show them love and compassion and skill and hope. I am thankful for my new team and how they have been so excited to rally with me. I am thankful for a stable job, a regular schedule, and especially for the addition of benefits. I felt encouraged by others all week, but one text is officially my favorite. My friend and co-worker, Twan, texted me early Monday morning on my first day of work and cheekily asked, “So now that you’ve started your new job, does that mean we’re friends… with benefits!”

Yes, Twan, joyfully it does!

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  1. Sounds like a very good week, Kelly! I love your ‘first day of school’ picture. Lookin’ good! 🙂

  2. You make a big impact everywhere you go Kelly. Thank YOU for encouraging us to press on with joy, gifts & abilities, and plain ‘ol FUN!

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