FOMO is an epidemic.

I am a FOMO sufferer… and you might be too.

I will fight FOMO.  Kiersten Mosley
Kiersten Mosley

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It’s the anticipatory angst I have when invited to two events the same night and I have to choose. It’s the feeling of sinking I have when I know fun is going on without me. FOMO ¬†causes me to stay up too late and overbook myself, preferring to be tired, but present at everything rather than having to deal with FOMO’s ¬†irrational fears.

And if that wasn’t enough, FOMO has an evil diagnositc twin, JOMO.

JOMO = Jealousy Of Missing Out.

I think of FOMO as anticipatory and JOMO as reflective. I fear missing out in the future and I am jealous of missing out when I see how much fun was indeed had. JOMO has no doubt grown in exponential proportions since the advent of social media. Everyone looks happy, engaged, active, and well put together in social media. We don’t post unflattering pictures or status updates like, “Doing nothing tonight, but trolling through Facebook watching everyone else have fun.” (Though such statements are no doubt true!) We have fear of missing out and jealousy of missing out based on a skewed perception of life.

The opening statements are true. FOMO is an epidemic. I am a FOMO sufferer … and you might be too. I will fight FOMO. And the first piece is awareness.

United against FOMO!


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  1. Too funny. So true about social media causing JOMO. Makes me wonder how to help and guide and help the next generation that will grow up with this technology!

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