Feeling the Love

I have amazing family and friends.

I knew this before my surgery, but man, has it been reinforced again and again the past few weeks.

I am staying with my family while I recover and they are doing an amazing job caring for me and handling all the practicalities of rides, food, and laundry (as well as entertainment, support, kindness, and love!) So what I wanted to ask for from my friends was connection, cards, thoughts, and laughter.

And they came through!

This was especially powerful and important on Valentine’s Day. I often dread V-Day or as some have come to call it “Singles Awareness Day.” I don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the day with, but I do know that I have to have plans of some sort to weather it well! I need something to look forward to. This year the date snuck up on me and I didn’t have a chance to plan anything, and yet this was one of the best Valentine’s Days ever.

I have been lavished with love recently.

On Valentine’s Day, I woke up to roses in my bathroom and M&Ms at my breakfast table, courtesy of my parents. So, it was already a good start. Then, I was blown away to receive a pile of cards and presents and texts and check-ins over Valentine’s Day weekend. Two friends Zoomed with me to continue our Valentine’s date tradition. Several others sent cards, some hand drawn, all with kind messages. One read me excerpts from her favorite book. I even got a few packages of treats, silliness, laughter, and love. I received many, many photos of my littlest friends holding glittery hearts and dressed in special onesies asking me to “Be Mine.” I felt special opening each message, package, text, and answering each phone call.

Thank you for making me feel lavished with love, especially on a day that is sometimes difficult. Thank you for being my friends and metaphorically walking with me through valleys when I can’t walk! I am thankful that even when I am away, I feel connected and cared for in more ways than I could even imagine.

You help buoy my hope.

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